Pride picnic

Sooo ignore te dates, it seems to not care what days I post it.

Sooo today was the Gay Pride picnic in Vancouver, as the begining of east-side pride.
It was pouring all day, so we didnt stay long, but we were there for about an hour. It was held at a park inside a circle of tents, vendors sold rainbow jewelry, flags, bumper stickers, buttons, keychains, rainbow colored kettle corn, food, icecream… ect. There was a dj and a stage with live performances, drag queens, and bands. There was a giant rainbow spread across the fence on one side. Probally the only good photo op.

see theres always good stuff to find at the end of a rainbow 🙂

 It was nice for a small picnic that not many knew about. This month in Vancouver there will be tons of Pride events, this was one of the small ones.It began to rain again so we headed back towards downtown.

We figured since it was raining it would be a good day to stop by some classes we were interested in taking.

We went to Tomy Lee Music store on Grandville to look at piano lessons.Tomy lee is a huge 4 storey music center. With the school on the top floor and instruments on the other 3.We found our way to the piano room.

piano room

The classes were pricey but i took info with me anyway.

Next door was Harbour dance studio.We wandered around watching classes. there were ballet, jazz, and hiphop classes going on at that time.I took info from each class that interested me, which was pretty much everything but jazz and tap.Bellydance, salsa, pussicatdolls hiphop, bollywood, ballet, and burlesque.I am finding interest in too many things at one time.

From there I went to Academie Duello. The swordfighting school.This place is awesome. Its a school for ligit fightng, not theatrical dueling. They offer classes in longsword,sidesword, rapier, grappling, archery and mounted combat. The protection was medal, and the class going on had either buff guys or world of warcraft neards living out their fantasy. As I stood there in the shop talking about skeduals and prices, I kept getting smacked in the back with wooden swords by Caro and Diego, the 24 year old children I was babysitting.

From there i found a yoga center and pole dance classes, and steel drum classes…. so my night now consists of covering my dream wall with tons of fliers for classes I intend to find the time and money to take, along with my 5 circus classes a week.At least my Spanish lessions are free.

 That night we headed to Grandville island to have dinner at Nayelis. Which was awesome.So that was my day.

The start of my dream wall


 Im sorry i dont have massive amount of interesting photos and stories to tell you but there it is 🙂


Another day at Wreck beach


I think I want to move, honestly. If I find one more ‘Jesus saves sinners, turn to God’ bullshit flyers on my bed and desk, left by my roomate, im going to kick her little Bible banging ass.  I feel bad energy here, and I think Ive narrowed down the culprit. Me and Diego were looking into yoga classes and i guess, according to her, you shouldnt open your mind like that because the wrong influences can come in … or something, i believe she was reffering to buddhism, as the wrong influences. We have a little stone Gargoyle that lives on our windowsill in our room. He is very cute, Diego saved him and his name is Gilligan. Somehow Gilligan keept finding his way into the cupboard under the sink, because “hes scary.” Three can play at this. Mabey our contradicting religious group will start to have its prayer meetings in the center of our apartment. Your not very bright, so therefore you cant win this.

That being said.

I went to Wreck beach again today. 🙂 I never leave that beach in a bad mood, its just such a good vibe, not like the touresty vibe of downtown beaches. Plus its nice because we arnt followed there by uninvited company, (who claimes theres a possibility of going blind going to a naked beach)

Sooo we met up with Nayeli and headed toward UBC.

The 500 stairs down to Wreck beach

It was a beautiful day. Sunny with just a few light fluffy clouds in the sky.

Ive told you about the beach in a previous post so you have an idea of how my day went.
Today though there were hula-hoopers practicing on the beach, from the hula hoop school downtown.
We spent all day picnicing, tanning, reading and swimming.

Notice the clouds 🙂

 Luckily the past few days, the Hemp buisness has been good to me. not amazing, but $50 worth of good :)so I went to the brightly colored forest of gypsy clothes blowing in the wind on their lines.I didnt even know where to start. The layers and layers of clothing on the yards and yards of line mazes, the waist high piles of $5 outfits on sheets, or the trees and logs filled with them.I picked up a pair of green harem pants, seconds later the other 4 differant colored pairs were claimed and bought, they must have been popular.
From there I headed down the line to a pair of shining gold silk pants that id looked at every trip there. They caught my eye everytime. I tried them on finally. They are now mine 🙂 
I tried on other things, tops, dresses and such but pants were my favorite. thai, 4 styles of harem pants, kneelength, flowy skirts….But settled for just the green and the gold pants 🙂

Green harem pants 🙂

P.S. Notice the tan 🙂 
Whats cool about this is that Its like a community changing room all the girls offer and ask opinions and get excited about outfits.It started to get late and we started our journey up the stairs.Nayeli headed home while me and Diego decided to get some dinner.
       As we walked down Grandville I saw probally the best street musicians ive ever heard in my life….


It was upbeat afro beat music on pipe xylaphones and differant types of drums. They were called Kutapira.I took a video but my computer wont let me upload it So we continued on.
We decided on Indian food. I looked through my menus of Indian restarunts. They were sooo expensive. $17 a dish.Then I found Corner Tandoori, Finest Indian Cuisine.Although we had to take a train to get there (Commercial Drive) the lower prices were worth the trip.Oh my god sooooo worth the trip. The food was amazing 🙂

Tandoori. oooo and my new gold pants 🙂

I ordered Daal Turka with rice, which is mostly indian lentils, onion, and tomato with spices, and Diego ordered butter chicken. We also got two side orders of Naan (amazing freshly baked pita bread, 2 orders of Raita, and hot Indian tea.


It was sooo good, and our bill total was $24.

We started our walk back to the station, sooo full of food. 
We stopped at Gelarmony on our way down Robson, for gelato dessert.
I really love this place, there are so many options to try, 3 cases of gelato flavors.
One of the 3 cases of Gelato flavors

I choose caramel apple, Diego got chocolate banana.

Oh my god the caramel apple flavor was amazing. It tasted exactly like those green suckers with the kind of chewy caramel around them i used to eat.
Our Gelato

Soo that was my day 🙂

Reggae nights at the Yale

It finally got sunny out today 🙂

And we heard of a music festival in Gastown. So off we went to Water street.

Music festival

This festival wasent like the ones on Commercial drive, where the streets where blocked off for people to walk. This street was still open and clusters of people stood in the road to watch bands performing on the sidewalks. 150 Bands, not all at the same time obviously, but about 20 played simeltaneously. Every thing from classical, reggae, rock, gothic, tribal, latin, country, folk, pop, to world.

Little asian instruments

Some were good. Like a classical violinist, and a chello player, some bongo drum tribal music, and such but they were drowned out by the horribly loud rock band that would be set up right next to to them with their amps turned all the way up. 😦
It wasent bad, but deffantly not too memorable. So i wont spend too long on the subject.
There was also an extreamly bizzare gothic band that wore black hooded cloaks, the hoods were up and their heads were turned down low so you couldnt see their faces. they played a really quiet weird song. We all agreed, horrible.
  From there we stopped by penthouse for about 20 minutes on the way to the Yale. Not much to report. Accept the table of guys next to us looked kind of confused. One was talking to Diego, who was there with me, Megan, and Nayeli, (The only 3 girls in the bar) and said “Dude can i touch you, i want some of what ever you got to rub off on me? How did you  manage to come here with 3 girls?” haha
The female dancer performing was horrible. I felt like i was watching a really bad drag show.
The Yale
So usually every Tuesday is Reggae night at the Yale, theres no cover and an awesome band, so were usually there everyweek.
Tonight we met up with Friends of Megans. Thea, Ricardo, guy from New Zealand whos name escapes me, and guy from Belgium whos very odd name also escapes me.
Diego, Nayeli, Kiwi, Megan,Thea, Ricardo, belgium 🙂

The band that always plays is Mostly Marley. They are sooo good, A live reggae band that plays Bob Marley, with some police, u2, and such.

Im sorry if this entry seems off. Im in an off mood and not really feeling writting. It wasent an awesome amazing day of which i feel like recording.
So yep there it is.

So today wasent too exciting. The weather has been cloudy the last few days so i havent been able to explore any more of North Vancouvers nature, or spend any days laying on the beach.  

I did go to English bay today though. The beach/park clostest to my appartment. With a picnic lunch, blancket and hemp bracelets in hand.

We set up in the grass close to the sidewalk and continued working on the neclaces we are currently creating. A few people stopped, eather to chat or ask if we were usually there so they could stop back, one man loved it, said it was georgeous and asked where we were normaly located or if we had a website. We deffantly have to make some form of website for sure.

Afew potential customers were drawn by the fact that my charming little mexican sidekick speaks spanish. One of our customers yesterday bought one after a conversation in spanish. My Spanish is getting pretty good, due to the fact that im still using rosetta stone and im surrounded by it constantly, at home with both roomates, my friends, people i work with….

I Painted dots on Diegos forehead

We did get one… i dont even want to call him a customer, but crazy homeless first-nations guy clearly brain damaged by drugs. That wanted to offer a trade. He held out two big shark teeth and an stone Inuit Inukshuk charm. Hardly worth the trade but we could use them for more jewelry. He gave us the two charms from his pocket that he wanted on the neclace. both on a chain that he kept swinging around in circles. I backed up a little bit to avoid getting hit by the flying chain. “Dont worry,” he said “Its my cirque du soleil act, Ive been training for thousands of years.” ….Idiot. needless to say the chain flew from his hand and sideswiped my face. We told him to come back in an hour, and he left screaming bob marley lyrics ad he wandered down the street. See kids this is why drugs are bad. We made the neclace and got the charms and he went off to bother street musicians.


  We were then joined by Rosa. A girl we used to work with selling Chestnuts. Shes also from Mexico, very hippi and sooo funny. She sat and chilled with us for awhile. Then she bought two bracelets. i told her not to worry about it or just for $5, but she refused and gave me $20.

We stayed until around 8:30 then packed up and headed to the grocery store. on the way out we saw two musicians performing, a girl with an accordian and a guy with a violin singing opera. They were so awesome, playing very sad and serious music. Until the drugged out hobo came up behind them to start singing a loud horrible off key song. poor musicians.
Dinner was at our place tonight. We made sooo much food. Spagetti with sauce, garlic bread, corn on the cob, salad, carrot soup, Steamed vegatables with spinich and parsley, drinks, and creamsicle sorbet with slices of fresh peaches for dessert.
Nayeli came over and brought cheesecake. We were just waiting on Megan. It turns out she fell asleep and couldnt make it. We also had something called apple vanilla pear juice that i found at the store. ..Interesting
It was still a great dinner. Nayelis staying the night.
our dinner

So that was my day. Im sorry it wasnt horribly exciting, that I couldnt tell you about some epic dangerous adventure, or crazy naked people, but you have to have one day off from all that from time to time.

Love and peace

Car- FreeFestival

Hello readers 🙂

First and foremost, Happy Fathers Day to that dear old fellow in Ohio, Derek and my cute little Papa Doc, and Grandpa Kline. I love you all

I woke up early today, around 5. Im getting back into a pretty decient routine, ate breakfast and such, called Derek, made some more hemp, untill about noon when I packed up and headed to Commercial Drive.

Today was the Car-Free Commercial Day Festival


The festival was a protest against highway expansion. It raised awareness for the forests and homes that were being knocked down for this project. It encouraged people to use the transit,bikes, or  to walk. So along with all the hippi type games, entertainment, vendors and food, there where many booths with pettitions for differant ‘save the earth’ type issues. We walked down the street (Diego and myself) reading issues presented by differant organizations, and signing on ones that stood out to us. Protection of BCs killer whales, Ancient forest alliance, and of course to stop the expansion of the highway, which was a very ridiculous trade route to west delta (that faces China). The treehugging advcates told us about the protests they do, climbing trees and standing in front of bulldozers.

Ok enough politics for now.

 The festival had everything. Salsa dancing, bongo drum music, arts, and crafts, indian food, potters, henna, dancing, gypsy clothes vendors, handmade soaps, jewelry, magicians… you gt the idea

I wore my red harem pants and got comments from everyone, asking where id bought them and how awesome they were.



potters playing with their clay

clothing vendor

There were so many cool things we saw as we wandered around eating our packed picnic lunch we had brought, unfortunately, (or mabey fortunatly) I had zero dollars to my name.

 After walking up and down the street several times we decided to sit on the corner of the sidewalk to rest and make somemore hemp braclets.I didnt realize it at the time, but we had to have looked awesome. Me in my harem pants, gypsy accesories and tribal looking facepaint and diego in his thai pants and Buddhst prayer beads chilling on the corner during a hippi festival making hemp braclets. We got quite a few pictures taken, from tourists and otherwise, afew curious people who would come to watch and ask if I would sell them. I brought out my fold out cardboard display of bracelets, (i made it out of a cheerio box, this thing is awesome) they would get all excited and look through. I charged $10 a braclet. And in about 15 minutes, i sold 3.

My Hemp braclets 🙂


The neclace that Diego was working on got alot of attention too, and some potential buyers, but he wasent finnished yet. It was very cool he used a crab claw that we had found on Wreck beach.

Diegos crab claw neclace

I didnt realize how very possible it is to live off hemp bracelets alone…Police circle the festivals, so because you need a licence to sell on the street i just quickly slid the display into my bag. Megan found us at this point so we started to wander again.We stopped to dance to some bongo music played by a guy named Kunda, a man with a funny hat and african accent.

Kunda(right) and the bongoers



There was a custom bike shop called velopalooza. They build very strange bikes and had some to try out. Due to the fact that i was not confident in my ability to ride a normal bike, all i could see was this ending with my face all over the pavement, i didnt ride. So diego tried.

funny little bike


We continued down the street. A group of Hare Krishnas danced by, chanting, brightly dressed, the man in front playing a horn and  behind him a woman with finger cymbols, and a man with a bongo drum. One handed us a flier that read:You are cordially invited to our Sunday Feast. Chanting, Dancing, & Philosophy followed by Vegetarian Feast. Every Sunday 5:30 to 8:30 p.m..Then it had the address, and the Maha-Mantra and such. I have no interest in converting to any religion, but i do take interest. Ill check it out one sunday i suppose.

 Sometimes I feel like Im on a big scavenger hunt living here. I go to an event, enjoy the event, then meet someone that informs me of the next location. From the naked bike ride Im told of the car- free festival, from the care free festival Im told of a hare krishna gathering and gay community picnic. The Wreck beachers always inform me of upcomming events. For the first time in my life I have something worth writting about each day. Literaly a new huge adventure everyday.

Diego and Megan

So from there we decided to go to Megans for dinner, we called to invite Nayeli, and Diego did most of the cooking. With a culinary degree he dosent really like sharing a kitchen. Megan fought him on it.
It was great food, plus its so awesome to just sit and have a group dinner, and chill to spend time with all your friends, in the middle of the craziness of a huge hectic city.
Our awesome food

We made veggie nachos, pasta with pesto, asparigus and potatoes in some form of white sauce, and homemade guacamole 🙂 Diego and Nayeli, being Mexican can both make some awesome Guacamole with a ton of lime juice.

they made handmade fresh squeezed lemonade to go with dinner too. 🙂

So that ws my fabulous day and night 🙂 Goodbye untill tomarrow :*

Naked bike ride

It seems like every entry is going to be somehow hippi culture related now. From shopping for Harem pants along the streets of commercial drive, reggae nights at the yale, Nude beaches, theres a festival tommarrow with that theme, and today a group of 300 hippis with bodypaint, riding bikes naked all around downtown. 🙂

I love Vancouver dispite the riots, the city is so diverse and liberal, and theres always something going on, and really awesome people.

First though Ill tell you about my morning.

I woke up early to continue making hemp braclets (which i intend to sell at the beach) and to clean up the appartment. That is when i realized that i havent shown you my appartment yet. Its cute, little and very bright from our many large windows. The walls are decorated with pictures, map, and Diegos artwork. I share a corner of the living room with Diego, and the one bedroom is where our other roomate Jessica sleeps. Its nice, and inexpensive for an appartment in the center of downtown Vancouver.

My appartment


Ok so Diego saw a flyer last night that read:

Calling all Hippies…

To join myself and 300 other likeminded people for the 7th annualWorld Naked Bike Ride

When:Saturday June 18thThe ride starts at 2pmBody painting at 1pm

Where:Sunset beach at the corner of beach and bute.Bare as you Dare!!!!!!

 Unfortunately I thought I had work, and due to the fact that I dont own a bike, and havent ridden one since i was six, I was unable to take part.I went anyway to sunset beach.

Panted hippi bikers

 In the pouring rain we walked across the beach, following the music from a live reggae band that performed in the center of the large group of naked painted people equipped with bicycles.

Bodypaint ranged from flowers, peace signs, butterflies, and smileys, to logos painted on the backs of the bikers. Many logos reffered to the riot.

Things such as “RIDE DONT RIOT”

A man with a microphone started his announcement calling out to the crowd



As the bikers prepaired to go, i ran with Diego beside them. i couldnt miss the peoples reactions to 300 naked bike riders comming their way. And it was well worth the run. Reactions of the pedestrians varied.. Most laughted, smiled and took out cameras, some cheered, some pretended not to look, trying hard not to smile, others had horrified looks on their faces. As we ran down sidewalks i overheard an old lady say “Well now ive seen everything.”

Tourests loved it. As the nude biker gang passed a tour bus, people hung out windows snapping photos.

Tourist bus facinated with the crazy events of Vancouver

Some bikers took notice of us running on the sidewalk. And would yell “RUN NAKED!”  or “KEEP GOING I BELIEVE IN YOU!” and “KEEP UP WERE RIDING TO FREEDOM”…

We kept up, taking a few shortcuts. We didnt run naked though. haha. Ive never ran so much at one time, particularly in flats in slippery wet streets. Luckly a guy was handing out free energy drinks.


Naked bikers

Cops on bikes led and followed the group.

As well as a nude news reporter with a camera attached to the top of his helmet. (That had to be his best day at work ever)

They stopped at the art museum, for a short rest, I was completly out of breath. We chilled and talked to some bikers, one, whos name escapes me, told us about a festival tomarrow on commercial drive.

Me and some naked people, in front of the art museum

Bystandars gathered around as afew painted hippies started to dance in the fountain in front of the museum.

I then noticed one man on a unicycle and another on rollerblades.
After awhile they continued on. Cheering, chanting, signaling peace signs to the crowd, offending people and smiling asthey rode through the rain.

older ladies getting a kick out of the traffic today

 So there you go, another naked people story. Godda love Vancouver 🙂

In other news, Diego told me a joke:

“What do you call a Cadillac with five mexicans in it?”

“A stolen Cadillac.” hahah

Welp theres my day so far. Enjoy dear readers ❤

Aftermath of the Vancouver riot…

I dont understand the logic behind last nights riot. “Our team lost, so lets destroy our own city?”

I went on a walk this morning at 5am, after not much sleep, to Grandvile St., Georgia, and Robson to see the damage.

Sadly, the first destroyed building i saw, was Chapters. The bookstore in which i spend at least 4 days a week.

Its a beautiful 4 story bookstore with two walls made entirely of windows, or it was…

Chapters Bookstore shattered windows

As it turns out books were not stolen, just taken from the store and burned in the streets.

For some reason, this made me more sad than the fact that 4 peolpe were stabbed at the riot. Thats my bookstore.

 Many windows had already been boarded off. It seems the coffie shops had it bad too. All of them. Buildings next to them would be unharmed, but the rioters beat the shit out of every Starbucks and Waves coffie house I passed. (and theres alot of them)

poor little Starbucks

Waves coffeehouse. Only frames were left

The windows were smashed, their open signs were torn to pieces, and tables and chairs were flipped and broken.

Videos from the riot were posted, people standing on overturned cars, burning cop cars, streets so packed the ambulences couldnt get through to get to the injured. Police from surrounding townships rushed in to help. Armed with shields and tear gas, they advanced, trying to push the mob out of downtown. The rioters only responded by punching and throwing shoes and beer bottles at them and engulfed their cars in flames.

The people of Vancouver woke up early today, (with the exceptions of the trash from last night) and came into the streets with brooms and garbage bags and started to clean up their city 🙂

After my photos, i did the same.

I had heard from the people wandering the streets this morning that Sears and The Bay got hit really bad. So i set off to find them. Mabey i should be a journalist. haha

They where right. the Bay had already been boarded off on all sides. Every window was gone. The display windows that once held Burberry, coach, and Chanel had been completely cleared away.

As well as MAC makeup. The shelves were EMPTY.

SearsWhats left of MAC makeup

Many of the looters wore bandanas to cover their faces from the police, and many news cameras, or possibly because of the heavy smoke.

They jumped through windows with designer bags lined up their arms, clothes, Rolex Watches, some even carried out full maniquins, which they would rip the limbs off to beat in more windows, or each other with.
Chanel. There were purses here at one time

 Other stores to get looted really badly were Sterling, Yedina, Swimwear, the cellphone store, and American Apparel.

Everything was destroyed. The art school, skytrain station, Library, Bank, Bus stop shelters, Queen Elizabeth theater, all with spiderwebbed or nonexistant glass.

The street reeked of burnt rubber and vomit, which made since because everyone was drinking the night before. Garbage cans that had been set on fire the night before were reduced to piles of black plastic melted to the sidewalk.

Blood and vommit was still splattered across the sidewalks along with the inches of garbage that was scattered down the street.

I continued down Georgia street, in search of more distruction. There was a reporter at every corner. I stopped at a cross walk, and waited, for what felt like forever, for the little green light up walking man to appear, informing me of the time to cross the street, untill i realized that the crossing sign hung in peices from its pole….



So this is the last you will hear about the 2011 Vancouver riot from me. I am done with the subject, and honestly very tired of talking and hearing about it. I am not glad it happened, but i am glad i witnessed it. Thats it.

Here are more pictures i took today for your viewing pleasure.

They killed buff headless albino man











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