Bikrams Yoga College of India

Today I began class at Bikrams. And in all honesty it kicked my ass…

First Ill give you the background to this particular type of yoga. Its founder Bikram Choudhury, in India, had suffered a severe leg injury at the age of 17. After examination doctors told him he would be unable to walk again. Not ready to accept this he sought the opinion of a yogi guru. This Yogi gave him 26 postures that would increase his circulation, improve his strength, balance and flexability as well at physical and mental health. He practiced these postures in the heat of India and in 6 weeks his leg was healed. From there he began teaching the postures in classes around India, which gained such popularity that it was expanded outside of India. Including Vancouver.


So my class…. I was told to be equipped with water, two towels and a yoga mat. We went in and swiped out key cards. After changing and putting our things in the locker, Diego and I walked into the dark very hot yoga room, where our class mates lay on the floor ajusting to the heat.

The tempature in the room was 105 F.
Our instructor came in and started to direct us through the 26 postures.
It was intense. Deep stretching added to the heat. About halfway through the class my clothes, hair and towel that covered my mat were soaked, dripping like Id gone swimming.
I got a little lightheaded half way through too. The class lasted 90 minutes.
Toward the end we had breathing exercizes. Until the lights went off and out instructor ended with a “Namaste.”
There was time for meditation in the dark room.
After i headed to the shower room to wash of the pools of sweat.
The walls of the hallway are covered with meditating pictures of Bikram and yoga photography. Its a nice place. Afterward when I stepped outside I could breath so easily. It felt like cold fresh air since I had done breathing exercises in the humid 105 deg. room.
Sooo yep.



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