Kokoro Dance

Sooo i have yet another naked hippi story to tell you.

The Kokoro Dance, aka Dancing naked mud people. So around noon we made out way once again to The One and Only Wreck Beach, once at the bottom of the stairs we took trail No. 4 to the right of the beach, through the rocky shore and trees to a small clearing near the water where 10 naked dancers were painting themselves white.

I see Albino peopleee

 So It was very strange. They started as a group on the shoreline slowly stomping in the mud, slowly backing up into the waves, which would slowly knock them down one at a time untill they were all floating. Thet floated in the water for what felt like forever, then slowly rolled and flopped on the shore, where They began to twitch and flop like fish out of water.

It was at this point Diego and I kind of interpreted their dance as evolution, Comming from the sea and progressively evolving.

Stomping in the mud

The flopping on the shore progressed to a body dragging crawl as limbs started to appear. They lay face down in the mud, breathing heavily. What was cool about this was because they were naked and solid colored the expansion of their ribs as they breathed was very dramatic. Like a reptile.

Frog hopping followed. The people who just began to watch the show were very confused as they walked across the beach and saw a group of naked mud people hopping around the beach like frogs and people watching. haha
Wings followed, to crawling, and walking upright.
(I Think our theory on its story was right)
The dance was very slow and went on for awhile, untill the final stage of humans came into form.

To show Humanity, each male was matched with a female, they showed couples, love, and prayer.

The dance ended in the sea where it began. And thats just about as good as I can explain it.

The Dancers say the performance, which is done every year on wreck beach, is a collaboration with Mother Nature, Who supplise the sets, costumes and lighting. After the show is done we walked back to the beach area to lay out a blanket and picnic.

The rest of out day consisted of taking in the sun writting, picnicing, swimmig and such to the bongo music played by a circle of Jamacians near us. Again to the forest of brightly colored gypsy clothing on lines. I found the perfect esmerelda dress and a white mexican style dress with puffy short sleeves that were off the sholder. Diego said i needed a straw hat and a basket of bread to go with it.

I liked them all but could only pick one. Sooo it was a shimmery deep blueish purple pair of knee length harem pants 🙂



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  1. solvino
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 09:12:11



  2. Tomy Gutomo
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 17:41:45

    Nature kokoro, relaxed in mind and aura of nature makes you a good


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