Bollywood dance

Today began the Indian Summer festival.

A festival held at SFU with film, music, food, literature, and yoga. But unfortunately it was expencive. We however were excited because they offered free Bollywood dance classes 🙂

These classes were put on by Shiamak Davar, a dance choreographer for Bollywood films, and his school of performers. This was the most intence hour of my life. It was soo much fun but for a first class, it moved quickly, and every step had 5 parts, arms, feet, hips, hands, and head. Alot to think about. He taught us ‘Indian hands’ and ‘Peacock hands’ steps, then a routine then put it to really fast Indian music.

I was impressed by the dancers, I never thought shoulder shimmies could look manly until I saw how awesome the guys teaching looked while dancing. Bollywood has moved to my number one favorite type of dance. Once my financial situation is in place Id like to take it on full time. Unfortunately I dont have pictures, I was kind of busy dancing my ass off, but there were photographers there, and mabey ill get some pictures at the next class. For attending the first class we recieved school shirts and fliers for their school.

From there I rushed to my next class. Poledance. Why am I taking pole dance? Because it looked fun, its on my bucket list, Its a block from my appartment, and Its something I dont know how to do yet.

The studio (I wasent really suppost to be taking pictures)

The class was fun, It was mostly gay guys (because its located in Davie Village, on the second floor of Celebrities gay niteclub) and women in their 30’s. I want to learn cool flippy tricks, but the instructor was more Into sexy type moves. I dont do sexy. I do cool flippy trick things. Dammit. I learned a few basics. Diego had gone with the day I signed up and asked If boys could take classes too, “Only If youre gay”

Sooo theres my day

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