Blueberry picking

Hello online journal, Im sorry its been awhile, Ill try to catch you up.

Firstly hello new subscriber, thanks for taking interest in the crap I write about 🙂 Hope you like it.

So my last blog entry reguarding the Krishna temple was featured on a Krishna website called so thats awesome, thank you to whoever found it and entered it, and thanks to Leslie for pointing it out to me.

Ok Blueberry picking…

Id always had it in the back of my mind that it would be cool to be a berry picker, not forever but just at some point of my life while in a differant country. Craigslist helped me out with this. Because I live in the center of a big city there are obviously no farms close to here, so I found one, alot actually in Langley.

I didnt realize untill the night before when I looked up directions that it would take me over 3 hours to get there… and I had to be there at 8 am.

So I wont go too far into my trip there, but it started at 4 am, caught the first skytrain, rode it to the end of the line to Surrey, transfered to a bus which broke down, so I had to transfer two other times. I knew it would take awhile so I figured Id catch up on reading. I brought Water for Elephants…

When I was dropped off at the bus stop I began the walk, which according to google maps would only be 33 more minutes. I walked and walked. Langley is nice, all horses, and 5 christmas tree farms, 3 strawberry farms, an apple orchard, a japaneese maple tree farm, 2 other blueberry farms, a few mixed berry farms, fields of free range chickens with brown eggs for sale, cornfeilds, and big beautiful country houses. All the farms and surrounding areas were neat and clean. It was just like a picturebook countryside. The road was narrow and had no sidewalks. At least I had a nice view for the 2 HOUR walk.

Apple orchard

 After another winding rolling road I finally found it at the top of the hill.

Rows and rows of blueberry bushes as far as I could see, and a massive house in the center. I walked up was handed a basket and told to only pick the blue ones, not purple or green.

blueberry bushes

 So I got pickin. The man assigned to the other side of my row was my conversation for the day. His name was jon, he is from Ghana. We passed the day talking about travel, berry picking, and laughing at the old Indian man that wandered the feilds joking with each person in a cute crazy old guy type way, he kept repeating the same thing to each person, sometimes more than once to the same person on a second trip around. A little forgetful, he was like the Indian Santa clause. Jon told me last year there was a boy from germany around my age that use to pitch a tent on the corner of the property and stayed there for 3 weeks picking every day untill he had the money to get back to europe.

So the Blueberries… They grew in bunches like grapes, but bc they wernt all ripe yet I couldnt just strip the vine, I had to pick around the green and purple ones. But the ripe ones were huge, deep blue and so ripe they just fell off in your hand. The taste was sweet and the jucey berries almost melted in your mouth, nothing like the small bitter ones Ive bought at the store.


About halfway through the day I sat in the feild to eat lunch that diego packed the night before, Id been filling my basket then emptying it into flats at the end of the row all day. Luckily It wasent too sunny out. My back wasnt too happy with me though.

By the end of the day I went in to weigh what Id picked. 65 lbs. :/ ill get more once they ripen.
I got a ride and didnt have to walk back
So there was my day as a blueberry picker 🙂

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